CEO's Message

Dipal Faldu, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Vivek machine tools, has over 20 years if experience in field of sheet metal machinery.

After graduating in BEng in 1994, Mr. Faldu joined Vivek machine tools as an head of techanical department. he underwent extensive training in all facets of the sheet metal machinery business through his association. He also travelled overseas extensively on business during this period.

With his experience, expertise and techanical know-how thereby acquired, in April 2000, with his innovative idea and his management skills he changed the working enviroment & prodution cycle which resulted into great success for both Mr. Faldu as well as the organization. He was also part of developing new sheet metal machinery design which took organization to next level.

With his investment skills he is also successful in other field such as realestate and trading. His passion to work made him successful businessman today.



"Manufacturing sheet metal machinery is part of my life. Providing customer the most efficient machine with best quality at minimal cost is my aim."

Mr. Dipal Faldu (CEO)