The Company History

Started a Small-scale business in the 80’s, VIVEK used to be a Customer of Sheet Metal Machineries. We used around 60 Machines for the Process of Electrical Stamping and other Job Works. But then we decided to involve ourselves into Production of Sheet Metal Machines. We are now Manufacturers of Presses, Shearing Machines, Press Brakes and all kinds of Sheet Metal Machinery.

In 1993 VIVEK redoubled the area dedicated to the Machines Production, by reaching 9000 square meters between the Productive Unit and the Office Building. We are planning to increase our Present Setup by another 25000 square meters to assimilate ourselves with Latest Production Techniques.

The company works following the “Customer Relationship Management” principles with continuous investments in Human Resources, to be more and more protagonist in its market and to be more and more a proposing partner for its customers.

The Organisation

VIVEK has adopted the concept of constant improvement by transmitting this culture to all levels of the company itself. VIVEK is a well-structured company, which guarantees a good sales presence in both the most Technologically Advanced States and in those in the process of Industrialization.

To this purpose the Company avails help of Sales Agents, Distributors and Reseller’s Network, all supported by the Sales Staff of the Company. In order to obtain maximum customer satisfaction VIVEK has appointed the Best Personnel’s for its Technical Department.