Hydraulic Deep Machine

The Hydraulic Deep Drawing Presses are specifically designed for Precision Deep Drawing of Metal Plates. Available in 10 to 500 Tons, they offer High Efficiency and High Accuracy.

All Operation Systems are easy to handle safety and assure most simple operation.

Oil Units Installation, Design & Piping Feature with Leak Prevention, Vibration Proof, Clean Appearance and Simple Maintenance.

Every Hydraulic Press is produced under severe Quality Controlled Techniques to assure consistent quality by our strict Factory Standards.

We want to assure our Customers that our Developed Presses are easy to use as it is prepared with a simple Production Process. We are flexible to our Customer’s Requirements, and we assure you of our maximum assistance to fulfill your Requirements.


Specially designed for deep-drawing and punching, these machines can handle tough processing that can't be done mechanically. The high-precision design makes them safe and dependable.

Push-button controls and Logical oil circuit design make our presses simple to operate and easy to maintain.

Longer stroke and die cushion device give you the power you need for the most complex jobs.

The forced lubrication system keeps sliding surfaces in excellent condition and parts moving smoothly and freely.

The machine can be matched with an automated operation system to load and unload materials, to move out bolster, to quick die change and clamp device automatically.

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