• C' Type Power Press (Fixed Body)
  • Inclinable Type
  • Pillar Type (H-Frame Type)
  • Special Purpose Presses
  • Deep Drawing Press (Only Hydraulic)
  • Forging Presses

Shearing Machines

  • Over Crank Shearing Machine (Mechanical)
  • Under Crank Shearing Machine (Mechanical)
  • Fixed Rack Angle Shearing Machine (Hydraulic)
  • Variable Rack Shearing Machine (Hydraulic)
  • Special Cutting and Punching Shearing Machine (Both Hydraulic and Mechanical)

Press Brakes

  • Mechanical Press Brake
  • Hydraulic Press Brake
  • Pneumatic Press Brake

Machined Engine Components

  • Machined Casting Parts

    • Sand Casting Parts
    • Investment Casting Parts
    • Pressure Die Casting Parts
    • Centrifugal Casting
    • Ductile Iron Casting Parts
  • Pipe Fittings

    • Carbon Steed Flanges Produced to ANSI B16.5 Standard
    • S.S. 304 & 316 Flanges Produced to ANSI B16.5 Standard
    • Also available Flanges produced to B.S. Standard & DIN Standard